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Thailand to welcome Global Superyacht Charter Fleet

New changes to chartering restrictions for foreign flagged vessels travelling in Thai waters on Friday look set to open up luxury yacht cruising in South East Asia.

Previously, yachts that were not based with a home port in Thailand were prevented from hosting paying guests, but recent pressure from the local yachting industry has helped to bring the huge potential for the untapped, pristine cruising grounds to the attention of the Thai government.

In practical terms, the change is likely to make owning a superyacht in South East Asia a more attractive prospect, as the potential for chartering to paying guests in order to reduce overall operational costs is vastly increased. The number of superyachts visiting from popular Mediterranean yachting hubs is also expected to rise significantly. Owners interested in exploring the pristine, virtually endless cruising grounds can now charter their luxury yachts in popular locations such as Phuket, offsetting the cost of bringing their luxury yachts to the region.

Recent years have seen an enormous investment in the infrastructure for superyacht facilities and support in Phuket. It is the logical first stopping point for superyachts travelling from the Mediterranean, and there will soon be well over 100 permanent superyacht berths available.

Perfectly timed to show off the best and most exciting superyachts available to charter in the newly opened up region, the inaugural Phuket Yacht Show will be a superb showcase of the luxury yacht lifestyle and all it can offer in South East Asia.The organisers of the Show, which has received official governmental support, will be announcing the dates of the first show, expected in early 2016, in the coming weeks. 

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