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The future of marketing is experience

Leading marketing researchers have found the Asian consumer is drawn to experience-based marketing more than those in any other region.  The future sees an increased importance on clients, potential and realised, having up close and personal contact with brands to influence their purchasing.

Ask and most people will say their fondest, most vivid memories are based on unique and surprising experiences – recollecting the sights, sounds and aromas from their first trip to Thailand; the excitement felt the first time they snorkelled on pristine reef; or an event which opened their eyes to a whole new world. 

The modern term for brands harnessing this power is experiential marketing.  In short, it takes the consumer and places them at the centre of the brand experience.  It utilises the traditional elements of marketing but places particular emphasis on face-to-face contact.  American marketing consultancy, Freeman, recently surveyed 1,000 marketing practitioners across the globe and over 2/3 agreed brand experience is the most effective way to achieve their organisational goals.  Furthermore, 50% of Asia-based marketeers felt experiences increased sales and 47% felt events built brand loyalty.  This was more than any other region in the world.

The benefits to a brand providing quality and unique experiences to clients is perhaps obvious and self-explanatory.  The benefits or motivations of the target audience is driven by social media and the quest for happiness.  It should come as no surprise that boat owners surveyed by the American industry body, National Marine Manufacturers Association, were happier, healthy, social and more active.

The marvellous element inherent in boating and yachting is the experience of being at sea – the sense of adventure, the solitude, the variety of destinations and the personal luxury.  It is a solid base on which yacht shows, such as the Thailand Yacht Show, can build memories for those well versed with the benefits of boat ownership as well as those new to the past time.  

If you are looking for some inspiration for your experience-based involvement in the 2018 Thailand Yacht Show, here are two examples which we felt were well devised and executed although not all in the yachting space. 

The Economist wanted to drive subscriptions to those who would never consider reading the leading magazine, so they hit the streets with some very unique ice-cream.  Watch their story.

Feadship is a leader in yachting space.  The second edition of the Thailand Yacht Show saw Lee Marine represent the 60-metre Feadship, M/Y Paraffin.  Two years earlier, Feadship had launched their “The Story of Uniquity” experience video which won them an award at the 2016 New York Festivals International TV & Film Awards.

Read more about the Experiential Marketing activities of the Thailand Yacht Show.


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