Thailand Yacht Show 2018

Yacht Broker Builder LOA (m) Berth
Lauren L Titan   90 Anchor
Paraffin Fraser Yachts Feadship 60 EQ 2
Latitude     50 N23
Ocean Emerald   Rodriguez Yachts 41 NQ13
La Numero Uno Yacht Services Thailand Perini Navi 40 NQ12
Cygnus Montanus     40 NQ18
Tanvas Sunseeker Thailand Sunseeker 40 NQ7
Phatsara Lee Marine Custom 36 NQ5
Azul A Asia Yacht Agency Moonen 34 NQ6
Happy Days Lee Marine Custom Line 34 NQ2
Aveline Lee Marine Maiora 32 NQ4
Dolce Vita Asia Marine Numarine 32 NQ11
Savage Boat Lagoon Yachting Princess Yachts 31 NQ14
Moana   Monte Carlo Yachts 26 NQ10
Princess 88 Boat Lagoon Yachting Princess Yachts 26 N16
Ferretti 850 Lee Marine Ferretti 25 NQ3
Illuzion Cruises     24 NQ8
Band of Gypsies Lee Marine Ferretti 22 N2
Chowa   SPLO 22 N5
Cocal   Tormene 22 N4
HYPE Luxury Boat Club   Ocean Voyager 22 NQ9
Minico   Porsius 22 N3
Princess 75MY Boat Lagoon Yachting Princess 21  
Azimut 68 MGC Azimut 20 N14
Grace Sunseeker Thailand Sunseeker 20 N7
Princess 66 Boat Lagoon Yachting Princess Yachts 20 N18
Inspiration III     19 N8
In the Wind Northrop & Johnson Sunreef Yachts 18 N12
Princess 62 Boat Lagoon Yachting Princess Yachts 17 N16
Princess 60 Boat Lagoon Yachting Princess Yachts 16 N17
ITAC 54 Multihull Solutions ITAC Marine 16 N11
Meridian 55 SG Boating Meridian 16 N6
Azimut 43 MGC Azimut 13 N15
Atari VI Lee Marine   12 N1
Cholamark   Cholamark 12 Z3
Hard Reset Boat Lagoon Yachting Princess 12  
Princess 42 Asia Marine Princess 12 N13
YES Multihull Solutions Fountain Pajot 12 N10
V39 Boat Lagoon Yachting Princess 12  
Cruiser 37


Cruiser 11 N9
Picnic Basket   HYS Naval 10 Z2
Glastron 230 International Boating Lifestyle Glastron 8 Z1
Welcraft 23 Asia Marine Welcraft 8 N14
Highfield Cholamark Highfield 7  

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