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V Yachts Asia bring two magnificent yachts to the Thailand Yacht Show

Staunch Thailand Yacht Show (TYS) supporter, V Yachts Asia, will showcase two very different yachts at the Pattaya show: a Riva 76’ Perseo Super and a Ferretti 500. V-Yachts Asia are the exclusive distributors for the Ferretti Yachts, Pershing and Riva brands.


“Presenting the Riva 76 Perseo Super, which made its world debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021, in the show confirms that V Yachts Asia is a market leader in the sale of luxury yachts in Thailand,” said Chanyo Manakulsawasd, V Yachts Asia Country Manager. “Never seen in Thailand before, this beautiful yacht is a fast ultra-luxurious sport-fly that proposes new aesthetic solutions and unprecedented functional design features, achieving excellence in terms of onboard liveability and performance,” he added.


Presenting alongside the Riva is the new Ferretti 500, revealed in 2020. This evocative brand has long associated with luxury yachting and the new-style 500, customizable according to two different moods – ‘Classic’ & ‘Contemporary’– is a versatile space that combines the dynamism of the exterior lines with an interior design that pays homage to both aesthetics and function. According to Ferretti, “The extensive change initiated with the Ferretti Yachts 500 project transforms the entire sailing experience into an absolute sensation of well-being that engages all the senses.”


With these two new, and very different, luxury designs on display, V Yachts Asia promises to be one of the stars of the show at TYS Pattaya 2022.


“The growing importance of the Thai market with now two major yachting centres, Phuket and Pattaya, confirms that Thailand is definitely the centre of pleasure yachting in Asia. As a TYS supporter from the very first show, we welcome the new Pattaya edition of TYS which enables us to show our yachts to the wider market in Bangkok and the eastern seaboard; we welcome and will support any new marketing initiatives focused on potential buyers in the these areas,” Mr Chanyo said.


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Great Earth International Partners with TYS

Partnering with Thailand Yacht Show (TYS) 2022 is Great Earth International (GE),
established in 2000 with its expertise in coffee products, and then developing into a food
service provider and distributor of a wide range of products to hotel, restaurant and catering
businesses in Thailand.

GE represents importers of premium brands worldwide such as Lavazza, Rocket Espresso,
S.V. Italia, Schaerer, Compak, Gryphon Tea, Vedrenne, Spiegelau, Eurocave, de Buyer and

And here’s a message from GE: “During TYS Pattaya 2022, Great Earth International, where a
wonderful range of world's finest products awaits you, brings you the following special yacht
show deals.”

– LAVAZZA coffee with the special menu item, ‘Lavazza Caffe Melon’ and a coffee capsule
machine promotion set.
– EUROCAVE Wine Cellar and cabinet at special discounted price for TYS 2022.
– ROCKET ESPRESSO, espresso machine with discount 5% – only for TYS 2022.

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Jetboard Thailand brings fun to the Thailand Yacht Show



Jetboard Thailand brings a sense of fun to the Thailand Yacht Show (TYS) Pattaya with its exclusive range of high-end watercraft.


Established in 2021, the company distributes innovative, premium and sustainable water-related lifestyle products. At the heart of the range are the award-winning, high-end Lampuga electric surfboards and the elegant but affordable Leines electric boats from Germany – as well as the world’s smallest water safety buoyancy aid.


With its focus on innovative, eco-friendly, non-polluting, yet fun, user-friendly and premium experiences for a wide audience, Jetboard Thailand stands out from the crowd. Its products offer a welcome alternative to jet skis and petrol jet surfing, where noise pollution is an issue.


“The Thailand Yacht Show is the world-class platform which has helped deliver opportunities for companies like us to access a variety of audiences in the yachting, luxury boating, watercraft and leisure industries in Thailand and across South East Asia. We believe TYS Pattaya, and later in the year Phuket, present the perfect opportunity to showcase our products,” said Jetboard Thailand’s Khemjira Thakamwong, Partnerships


Jetboard Thailand is offering TYS visitors trial jetboard rental sessions on site at the show (pre-booking essential). Find out more at


Rates are: 15 mins (1,400 THB); 30 mins (2,000 THB) – including instructions. To book your sessions or for more information contact:

LINE @jetboardthailand

Tel: +66 (0) 93 747 6262



Jetboard Thailand’s product range


Lampuga produces premium electric jetboards, designed and produced in Germany, with CE and IECEE certification, having undergone thorough testing and with manufacturer’s warranty.


A jetboard is a 100% electrically motorized surfboard, so no wind or waves are required. They can be used on lakes and rivers, as well as out at sea. Lampuga’s performance, practical design, and user-friendliness make the Lampuga the ultimate water toy. The inflatable jetboard offers effortless water fun and is enjoyable for all riders, regardless of experience, age or physique, while the inflated front edges make for a much safer experience.


It is quickly assembled, easily transported, and requires minimal storage space. And for safety reasons, the board has installed a kill switch system. If the rider falls off, the kill switch detaches from its socket and the motor is immediately cut off.


Leines is a premium German-built, fully electric boat, which combines comfort with elegant innovative design. It is emission-free and unlike traditional boats, runs silently while offering up to 10 hours on the water. With several variations, Leines is a stand-out cost-effective and environmentally sound option.


Restube is the world’s smallest (pocket-sized) water safety buoyancy aid, engineered and assembled in Germany. Restube provides unrestricted movement for users to do what they love, and the priceless peace of mind knowing they will return home to their loved ones. Simply strap it around your waist or on your equipment and get into the water – safely.


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