Classic Car Friends Pattaya (CCFP) will be staging a Classic Car Rendezvous on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 June as part of the Thailand Yacht Show at Ocean Marina, Pattaya, with some 20 - 30 beautiful and highly valuable examples on display in the exhibition area.


CCFP, founded by passionate classic car collector Jo Klemm, is based on the idea of bringing together classic car owners, collectors and enthusiasts and creating a support network of people experienced in classic car ownership in Thailand.


The group reaches up to 1,500 people with an interest in classic cars and enjoys an active membership or around 40, who may own anything from 1-10 vehicles each – ranging from an authentic VW ‘Kombi’ campervan to a stately Rolls Royce, and all sorts of beauties in between. A previous Classic Car Show, held in March 2019, attracted around 90 pristine examples of car design through the ages.


Supported by Riviera Group and Pattaya Mail, the ‘club’ meets regularly to share the members’ enthusiasm for their much-loved steeds over a monthly casual dinner and occasional Sunday fun runs, as well as getting together with other car from time-to-time. Raising money for local charitable causes is high on CCFP’s agenda and all surplus funds are donated to underprivileged children in the community.


“We are very happy to have been invited by Verventia to join together with Thailand Yacht Show as there is obvious synergy between people who love beautiful yachts and people who are passionate about beautiful cars,” said CCFP founder Jo Klemm, adding, “We will bring a different dimension to the yacht show that we know boating visitors will enjoy. At the same time, we look forward to welcoming our members and friends to join us at Ocean Marina to find out more about what drives the passion for yachting,” he added.

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