First time Thailand Yacht Show (TYS) exhibitor, Motorium brings two exciting, cutting edge brands to the first Pattaya show: COX, the world’s first diesel outboard engine and state-of-the-art electric outboard motors from ePropulsion.

The 300hp V8 diesel outboard engine, manufactured in the UK, is the result of 10+ years of innovation. A ground-breaking product redefining standards within the maritime industry, The CXO300 – although unique in design – has been built for purpose and developed according to industry standards making it compatible with controls, propellers, transom bolt patterns and current steering systems.

Delivering the same performance and packaging as a gasoline outboard, but with 30% better fuel efficiency and the reliability of a diesel inboard, this purpose-built outboard has begun to revolutionise the market.

“We’re looking forward with anticipation to the Thailand Yacht Show in Pattaya. It will be a wonderful opportunity to introduce the COX 300hp diesel outboard which is available now in Thailand to the boating and yachting communities!” said Bernard Wong, Motorium Business Development Manager.

Onto electric motors and, from the Spirit 1.0 Plus, 3HP to the Navy 6.0 Evo 9.9HP and the 3, 6 & 9.9HP Pod Drive, ePropulsion has a motor for every application – from sailboat to dinghy to workboat to fishing boat – while up-to-the-minute hydro generation technology enables recharging of batteries on the go, using water and wind flow.

“TYS Pattaya is a great opportunity to introduce ePropulsion electric outboard motors, as a real alternate and environmentally-friendly outboard motor choice, to an increasingly aware public,” said Mr Wong.

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