TYS exhibitor Motorium today announced two additional brands for their Pattaya display.

First the New Zealand brand, Atomix Boats. Designed by renowned Naval Architect Brent Bakewell White for rough New Zealand waters, these boats are safe, stable and dry. The tough vacuum resin-infused fibreglass hulls of Atomix boats are built and independently tested to meet and exceed strict international CE Stability, Freeboard, Buoyancy and Floatation compliance.

“These safe, family-friendly Atomix boats are now officially available in Thailand from Motorium. Perfectly suitable for cruising, fishing, diving or wake-boarding, Atomix is an ideal all-round boat. Clever use of space and storage surprises when getting on board. Add a great warranty and customer support and you have the most value-packed boat in Thailand today,” said Bernard Wong, Motorium Business Development Manager.

And then there are the Thailand-built Aquatic boats, which are built for the toughest waters with a breakthrough combination of strength, stability, safety, comfort, performance and unbeatable usability.

“These hardcore fishing ‘weapons’ are literally SUVs on the water with transom and hull designed to increase speed and manoeuvrability while chambered foam-filled pontoons offer incredible safety and a soft ride,” said Bernard Wong. “These virtually ‘unsinkable’ boats will bring you to your spot faster to let you get your fish safer and easier. No better-designed aluminum chambered boats for business and leisure come to mind.” he added.

Equipped with all necessary gear even on the base models, Aquatic boats are available with an extended warranty from Motorium, the official dealer in Thailand.

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