Plan Your Trip Pattaya

If you’re planning your winter holidays, why not combine a trip of a lifetime to Pattaya with a visit to the Thailand Yacht Show and see the country’s definitive yachting and luxury lifestyle event at the same time?

Pattaya provides an unbeatable combination of white beaches, superb restaurants and accommodation, plus some of the best sailing in the world! As one of Thailand’s largest cities, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of fun things to do in Pattaya. From lounging on gorgeous beaches to exploring the legendary attractions, indulging in the local cuisine and culture to embracing your inner Jacques Cousteau and discover some of the best diving sites in South East Asia.

pool Diving & Watersport

The Andaman Sea and the many tiny islands around Phuket offer some of the best diving in the world and showcase beautiful seascapes and vibrant marine life. From colourful coral gardens to busy reefs, majestic sea turtles to swimming with whale sharks, both beginners and experienced divers will appreciate the wide range of underwater scenery in the waters around Phuket.

pin_drop Heritage & Culture

Often overlooked by travellers who head straight to the beach, Phuket Town is a great trip back to the island’s Sino-Portuguese past when it was the centre of Asia’s tin mining industry. Today, the colourful shop-houses have been restored to their former beauty and now house art galleries, boutique restaurants and hipster cafes, jewellery shops and wine bars.

beach_access Island Hopping

Just because you’re already on an island doesn’t mean you can’t go and see a few more! Island hopping is probably one of our favourite things to do in Phuket. Just imagine yourself surrounded by emerald blue waters, karst formations on the horizon and tiny islands dotted on the seascape. Perfect!

tour Private Charters

Chartering your own yacht and experiencing the beauty of Phuket all to yourself is surely one of life’s most memorable pleasures. Private charters are a fantastic way to explore the hundreds of islands and spectacular karst formations around Phuket in comfort, privacy and style!

wb_sunny Sunsets & Landscapes

With its rugged, mountainous interior and vast coastline, fringed with karst formations and tiny islands, Phuket is blessed with some extraordinary landscapes. From stellar sunsets to beach views, there are plenty of places where you can enjoy some incredible panoramic views in style and comfort!

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