Welcome to 2018. For many of us the year has begun, yet for those who celebrate the lunar calendar, the new year begins on Friday 16 February 2018. Which is why the Thailand Yacht Show which is strategically held during one of Phuket’s busiest tourist season, as the region’s more discerning clients flock to the island to enjoy the new year.

Phuket is a favoured destination for those celebrating the Lunar or Chinese New Year, and in fact, China is the number one market for inbound tourists, many celebrating on the island with families and friends.

2018 is the Year of the Dog – an animal considered auspicious due to its loyalty and patience. Here are our tips for how your brand can leverage the Thailand Yacht Show and the Year of the Dog to attract new clients.

Be loyal and respectful

The dog is a revered animal in Chinese culture because of its loyalty, sincerity and perseverance. If a dog walks into your house, it symbolises a coming fortune. Not bad attributes for any brand or company to have, really. To capture the attention of the Chinese buyer at the Thailand Yacht Show, consider being loyal and attentive perhaps through increased hospitality, cold towels, complimentary water and a welcoming reminiscent of man’s best friend. For those wishing to extend your reach, the Thailand Yacht Show is offering exhibitors and partners the opportunity to sponsor the complimentary water for the entire Show.

Celebration time

Lunar New Year is a time for celebration – a gathering of families and friends to wish each other a prosperous new year and toss up the yusheng. Parties abound with good food, great wine and excellent company and no more so than on Phuket at the Thailand Yacht Show. Yacht parties and client events are a great way to partner with the Show, to celebrate with visitors and clients welcoming in the Year of the Dog. The Thailand Yacht Show offers a limited number of partnership opportunities to host VIP and UHNWI in celebration of yachting and the new year.

Spring into the New Year

The new year is part of the Spring Festival – a time for renewal and new beginnings. After some rigorous cleaning in the lead-up, the new year will be punctuated with new clothes and plenty of red. It is a perfect time to launch a new yacht, boat or product as the market is looking forward to something exciting in the new year. If you are considering launching a new product, contact the Thailand Yacht Show to discuss how we can assist you to reach new and pre-qualified clients.

Book your space

The Thailand Yacht Show has a wide array of exhibition spaces for luxury, marine and lifestyle brands. The event has a festival feel with an air-conditioned pavilion, outdoor exhibition and demonstrations areas plus Phuket’s largest marina capable of accommodating yachts from 6 metres to over 100 metres.

To discuss which areas would best suit your requirements, contact your Relationship Manager.

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