Highlighting the significance, to marine leisure businesses in the Gulf of Siam, of the Thailand Yacht Show’s (TYS) Pattaya edition, Hua Hin’s Racer Marina has joined the exhibitor line-up.

“TYS Pattaya is hugely important as it’s the first boat show in Thailand since the beginning of Covid, during which time many new potential customers have become interested in leisure yachting – particularly Bangkok-based Thais. We look forward to the opportunity presented by TYS to connect with them and show them what they can do if they own, or charter, a boat,” said Racer Marina Manager, Lisa Mackenzie.

“Racer Marina has been here in Hua Hin for many years, but it has not enjoyed as much promotion as it should have had, so this TYS Pattaya is somewhere we must be as we look to secure our future growth. Recently we had the pleasure of greeting the Energy Observer, which was just the kind of opportunity for publicity that we welcome,” she added.

Racer Marina is continually improving its facilities and standards of service and aims to more than fulfil the expectations of the marina’s yacht owners going forward.

“Our aim is for yachts to come to the Gulf of Siam and be able to go from one marina to another. We need to show our customers that there’s plenty to do this side of Thailand and that we offer the safety and security of marina berthing. Racer Marina has a huge potential - it just needs to be better-known; this is what we’re working on now and TYS is a significant element of our strategy.” said Ms. Mackenzie.

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