Verventia x FLS Yachting Worldwide: Partnership Package

FLS Yachting Worldwide provides flexible shipping solutions to offer customers more choice and make pricing and delivery more reasonable and timely

The global yacht market is currently so buoyant that builders and brokers in Europe and the USA cannot keep up with the demand. Compounding the problem has been a shortage of specialised transport capacity to distribute new yachts to dealerships throughout the world, and for dealers to deliver them to their customers


There’s clearly room for innovation and new blood in the yacht transportation market to help satisfy the industry’s needs and provide more choice to clients wanting to ship yachts of all sizes from one place to another


International yacht transport has recently become expensive, unpredictable and delayed

Price hikes combined with delayed deliveries caused by a lack of ships available has had a knock-on effect for manufacturers, dealerships, and end users – with tax implications, legal issues and lost sales/profit. From shipments of small racing yachts and sailing catamarans, to luxury yachts and superyachts, we have all heard the same story time and time again.


FLS provides flexible shipping solutions that can reduce prices and shorten delivery times

Fortunately for the yachting industry, there is a new solution. FLS Yachting Worldwide is a new service from one of the most experienced and highly reputed shipping companies in the world, offering a transparent, reasonable and flexibile yacht shipping solution at a competitive price with a reliable delivery schedule.


Verventia x FLS Yachting Worldwide

Verventia have teamed up with FLS Yachting Worldwide to provide a special transport package for all our clients, contacts and network of industry professionals.

Working with FLS Yachting Worldwide

FLS Yachting Worldwide pride themselves on their strong relationships with vessel owners built on truly understanding the customer’s expectations, giving them choice, balancing best price with quality of project management and on-time delivery.

FLS provide an end-to-end service and the most cost-effective or bespoke solution to meet the unique needs and circumstances of a particular yacht shipment. FLS is not restricted in any way and have a huge network of partners they can tap into, to ensure on-time delivery for the right price.

FLS handles everything throughout the yacht’s shipping journey from A to B – picking up the product from the owners, to loading, trucking, storage, customs clearance, shipping and unloading. FLS offer ‘full disclosure’ on oil prices, bunker clauses and shipping windows, plus anything else the customer wants to know.

FLS have a proven track record of carefully delivering all types of vessels and have an experienced team of diving experts that place soft slings around the belly of the yachts, treating each one with kid gloves.

FLS can deliver a yacht to anywhere in the world – even Island nations and archipelagos that seem to be hard to reach for others. FLS have a big team of experienced professionals in Indonesia that can arrange shipments into Asia, including the Philippines and Indonesia.

Yacht ready to ship?

Got an order ready or a yacht shipment in the pipeline? Get in touch with us here and FLS Yachting Worldwide will provide you with an introductory offer with a special price, full delivery options and a shipping schedule.

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